Fort Chip Métis Nation

Who We Are

Fort Chipewyan Métis Local 125 was formed to provide services for the Métis people of Fort Chipewyan.

For many years limited or no government funding and a lack of a stable economic base hurt our people. The hunting, trapping and fishing economies were almost demolished by encroaching civilization. Then, Fort Chip Métis developed in the early 1950s. Volunteers began with meetings in the basements of their homes and later developed into a non-profit society under Fort Chipewyan Métis Local 125.

In 1990, Fort Chip Métis changed their name slightly and became the local that they are today. With perseverance and hard work, a local office was established and office staff was hired.

The office continues to move forth. We help local members keep up to date with current issues locally and nationally and get assistance with education, employment, training, and other related topics.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Métis History

Vision : Fort Chipewyan Métis, a strong independent, acknowledged and united community, providing self-sustaining opportunities while maintaining and preserving our cultural identity for present and future generations.

Mission: Through pro-active approaches to opportunity, we preserve and promote our Métis culture.

Our Values

Respect, Integrity and Community

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Our board is a passionate group who leverages their unique talents to serve the community they love.

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