Fort Chip Métis Nation

The Role of Engagement

Engaging Fort Chip Métis is an important first step for any proposed project that might impact our traditional lands.

The Fort Chipewyan Métis are a rights-bearing community who have constitutionally protected and legally recognized asserted rights and interests, under Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. As Section 35 is applied equally to First Nations, Inuit and Métis, we require Crown consultation and view provincial and federal governments as having the legal duty to consult with us, as due through the Honour of the Crown, when there is knowledge of potential impacts and effects to our lands, resources, cultural requirements and ability to meaningfully exercise our rights. Early inclusion and participation in regulatory processes is critical to effective consultation and engagement.

We expect early, fulsome and meaningful consultation, including the delegated aspects of that duty to proponents, through all regulatory processes, towards accommodation, mitigation and compensation.

We look after all Fort Chip Métis lands and resources in NE Alberta. Our consultation area includes the Peace river and Athabasca river watersheds regarding potential downstream impacts and effects.

For early consultation and engagement, please contact our office to schedule a meeting regarding our consultation protocols and guidelines.

Early Consultation is required by Fort Chip Métis. Industry must ensure Fort Chip Métis is meaningfully involved in the regulatory process to fulfill government requirements.

Contact the Fort Chip Office for Consultation Protocols & Guidelines.

Coming Together for Prosperity

The Métis interactions with the rest of the world have been shaped in several ways. Below are the national and international documents that spell out the recognition of our rights and reconciliation as Métis.

Section 35 Aboriginal Rights under the Constitution Act, 1982 []

The Government Industry Relations (GIR) Department

Our GIR helps the community by protecting our interests in discussion with resource developers, operators, and government agencies. To learn more or reach out, click the “Learn more here” button below.

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