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Fort Chipewyan Métis Board and President’s Statement on McMurray Métis Election of New Council Members

Fort Chipewyan, Alberta (June 15, 2022) – After yesterday’s election of new Council Members at McMurray Métis Local 1935, the Fort Chipewyan Métis Association Local 125 (FCMA) board issued the following statement:

“Today the elders, youth, and other members of the community let their voices be heard. We are happy to formally congratulate the newly elected officials and welcome those returning.”

New Council Members include Doug Golosky (Secretary), Velma Jelly (Treasurer), Peter Hansen (President), and Cheryl Golosky (Director). Returning members include Kelly Myers (Vice President) and Gary Boostrom (Director), leaving one Director position open which will be appointed by the Local Council and serve until the next Annual General Meeting.

FCMA President Kendrick Cardinal issued the following statement:

“We extend our hope for a working relationship that will continue to advance the prosperity between us. Through close collaboration with McMurray Métis and Indigenous organizations across Alberta, we will continue to safeguard our land as well as the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness of our people.”


About Fort Chip Metis

Fort Chip Métis Local #125 (“Fort Chip Métis”) is located in the oldest consecutively inhabited settlement in Alberta. It was established to preserve and promote Métis Culture, and provides services for the Métis people of Fort Chipewyan. For more information about the Fort Chipewyan Métis Association Local 125 (FCMA), visit Fort Chipewyan Métis Association – AB, Canada (


About McMurray Métis

The McMurray Métis (Métis Local # 1935), founded in 1987, is accountable to its membership with a mandate to pursue the advancement of the Métis people of Fort McMurray and northeastern Alberta. For more information about the McMurray Métis, visit McMurray Métis – Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism (


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