Fort Chip Métis Nation

Fort Chipewyan Métis Nation Addresses Concerns Over Tailings Management and Advocates for Environmental Protection at AEC Open House

PRESS RELEASE – March 5th, 2024

Fort Chipewyan, Alberta — Following the Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER) open house, the Fort Chipewyan Métis Nation (FCMN) remains steadfast in its call for rigorous environmental oversight and actionable commitments towards the mitigation of tailings ponds’ impacts. The event, aimed at creating an understanding of the Alberta Energy Regulator, and addressing community concerns about the Kearl oil sands project, served as a platform for dialogue but underscored the need for immediate and transparent action and accountable enforcement of the oil sands.

In the wake of the discussions, FCMN President Kendrick Cardinal provided a truthful summary, reflecting the community’s ongoing struggle and unwavering demands for justice and environmental stewardship. “Fort Chip is suffering. That’s the full heart’s truth. It’s on us to hold them accountable. It’s time they do their job. True reconciliation means helping us get clean drinking water upstream, working with every player they can.” Kendrick’s passionate plea underscores the urgent need for action and accountability to safeguard the health Fort Chipewyan.

The Fort Chipewyan Métis Nation emphasizes that the open house, while a step towards acknowledging the issues, falls short of delivering the concrete changes needed to address the longstanding environmental concerns directly impacting their community. “It won’t mean anything if he (Lori Pushor) doesn’t listen. It’s on him (Lori) and how we hold them accountable. It’s time for the AER to do their job.” Cardinal stressed, highlighting the importance of moving beyond dialogue to implementing tangible solutions.

The FCMN remains committed to working collaboratively with all stakeholders but insists on a clear, actionable plan to mitigate the environmental impacts of the oilsands. The Nation calls for a revised approach to tailings management that transcends the current self-regulatory model, advocating for policies that ensure the protection of the land and the community’s way of life.



Carmen Wells, Lands and Regulatory Director Fort Chipewyan Métis Nation
CC Tammy Riel CEO, Fort Chipewyan Metis Board of Directors, Fort Chipewyan Metis