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Kendrick Cardinal for Municipal Council “a Fantastic Idea”—Fort Chip

Fort Chipewyan, Alberta (October 18, 2021) Fort Chipewyan Métis Association (“Fort Chip Metis”) would like to formally and strongly support Kendrick Cardinal in his bid for Ward 2 Council seat in this upcoming municipal election, which covers Fort McKay, Fort Fitzgerald and Fort Chipewyan.

We have decided as a board to support Kendrick in his bid for councillor for several reasons.

As a key voice in the direction of our organization—first as board member, then as vice-president and, most recently, as President of Fort Chip Metis—we have seen what Kendrick can do. He has shaped our organization for the better, helped build programming in our community, and is always the first to offer to help out.

Kendrick in a Ward 2 Council seat is a fantastic idea. We look forward to seeing him drive his platform of improving food sustainability and access to healthcare to fruition once he is elected.

From being an approachable and active member of our community to ensuring the organization stays true to its membership, Kendrick would make a great addition to Council. It is for the reasons above that we fully support the efforts of Kendrick Cardinal as he seeks a Council seat for Ward 2 and wish him all the best in these efforts.


Barb Hermansen

Caroline Powder

Judy-Ann Cardinal


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Fort Chip Métis Local #125 (“Fort Chip Métis”) is located in the oldest consecutively inhabited settlement in Alberta. It was established to preserve and promote Métis Culture, and provides services for the Métis people of Fort Chipewyan.

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