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Have a question? Our office handles administration, community support, government & industry relations, and more. Below are the people who show up every day to keep Fort Chip a prosperous place for our Métis community.

Tammy Riel

Executive Director

Tammy is honoured to be helping the FC Métis Nation build and actualize the plans and dreams they have for their home, traditional lands and families. She is Métis with roots deeply tied to the Red River and Batoche, and she has another Métis family here in Fort Chip. She loves being out on the land, but you will find her most of the time in the Fort Chip Métis office, working hard!

Carmen Wells

Lands and Regulatory Manager

Carmen is Metis, and hails from BC. She has worked with Indigenous groups in the Northeastern Alberta region for roughly seven years in a multi-faceted setting. Carmen will be managing regulatory and government policy matters along with the regulatory team, Kim Dertien-Loubert and Lisa Schaldemose. She looks forward to working with community members.

Ruby Ladouceur

Engagement and IK Coordinator

Shaya Jones

Members Coordinator

As Youth and Elder Coordinator, Shaya has a busy schedule. Her home is her favourite place in Fort Chip as it is where she can experience serenity and balance. This provides her the strength to continue doing what she knows best—helping others.

Jeremy Cardinal

Maintenance Worker

Mildy (Mildred Woods)

Elders’ Support

Mildy loves her work. Interacting and helping the Métis members is great for her heart and soul as she follows the footsteps before her.

Tiffany Cardinal

Youth Coordinator

Consulting Team

Kim Dertien

IK Inclusion Consultant

Kim has worked in northeast Alberta, on Métis, Cree, and Dene traditional territories with First Nation and Métis communities since 2009. She has worked extensively with the Fort Chipewyan Métis, focusing on: government and industry relations, including consultation, and regulatory processes for the meaningful participation in development and management of the oil sands of northeast Alberta; and, cultural impact, land use, and Indigenous Knowledge studies supporting the assertion of Aboriginal rights, interests, cultural sustainability, and stewardship of lands and traditional resources for current and future rightsholders.

Lisa Schaldemose

Regulatory Consultant

Ranji Jeerakathil (MLT Aitkens)

Legal team – Industry Negotiations

Keltie Lambert (Whitten Legal)

Legal team – Regulatory and Lands Cases

Janais Turuk

Alberta Energy Regulatory (AER) Consultant

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