Fort Chip Métis Nation

Quadra and Oosita & Fort Chipewyan Métis Nation Announce LP

In a groundbreaking move towards prosperity and reconciliation, Oosita and Quadra Chemicals Inc. have joined forces in a limited partnership (LP), marking a significant milestone for the Fort Chipewyan Métis Nation (FCMN). This collaboration, announced recently in Calgary, Alberta, signifies a commitment to advancing the reconciliation process while addressing the evolving needs of oil sands customers in the Athabasca Region. Under the banner of the newly formed Oosita-Quadra LP, both entities pledge to embark on a journey characterized by innovation, economic growth, and exemplary service delivery. The partnership underscores Oosita’s dedication to forging alliances with industry leaders who share a common mission and vision, while Quadra’s extensive logistics network and commitment to excellence further solidify the foundation of this venture. With a focus on creating value for oil sands operators and fostering community development, this collaboration stands as a testament to the power of shared values and mutual benefit. [Read full Article]