Fort Chip Métis Nation

We are building a bright future for Fort Chip. Our plan for the future includes partnering with nearby First Nations, improving our education system, and developing new projects that keep Fort Chip sustainable without compromising our land.
Our aim is to build a better future for our children—a safe and nurturing environment, teeming with culture and promise.

The Goals have evolved as the partnership grows stronger and success with development of the Solar Farm project leads to new opportunities.

Partnering with Our Community


New jobs, less dependence, better land use, ending food scarcity. Our board has partnered with nearby First Nations to create projects that make a difference. Leaders in the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nations, Mikisew Cree First Nations and Fort Chip Métis created Three Nations Energy (3NE) in response to both adversity and opportunity. Through this partnership, we have projects that brought our community energy independence, heating, and more sustainable food production. And we’re just getting started. Watch this page for more updates on partnerships and projects in the coming months.

Learn more about the 3NE energy farms (see

Education System Upgrades

We are grateful to hear that The Athabasca Delta Community School (ADCS) in Fort Chipewyan has received full funding for replacement. This funding will help our children grow up with the tools needed to learn and succeed in any path they choose.

A new education authority governed by ACFN, MCFN, and Fort Chip Métis for Fort Chip is also coming. A first of its kind, this new authority will represent a hybrid provincial-federal model to give better representation and more resources to our students.

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